• Spring is in the Air!

    After months of cold weather, finally the sun begins to shine brighter and hotter than ever. And with the weather heating up, the rumor mill is beginning to spin faster as well… read more

  • The Gym is a Prison

    Why do I hate going to the gym so much? I'll tell you… read more


Welcome to FayWrites.com!

My name is Fay, and as you might have guessed - I like to write. I like it so much, that I thought I'd share my passion with the rest of the world [wide web]! Feel free to browse my blog, and drop me a line if you get a chance by visiting my contact page! Enjoy.

Fay Writes Incorporates Just about Every Topic

Fay is a writer that, as her title suggests, thoroughly enjoys writing. That passion for the written word has spread beyond the pages of a notebook and the saved files on a desktop and onto a blog and website online. Fay's blogs range widely in scope and can incorporate topics of all types. Everything from interior design ideas to reviews for PartsGeek and so much more is covered on FayWrites.com. There is information for every person on this site so people who love to read will be able to find something that will catch their attention and keep them coming back.

Unlike many blogs that focus on a central point, Fay instead chooses to write about various topics. One day there could be a blog about politics and ice cream, the next day could be a rant on the kitchen and other interior design topics. Writing for Fay is simply a pleasure and a passion rolled into one which makes blogs on reviews for PartsGeek or gyms as prisons exciting and enthralling for the reader.

What also makes FayWrites.com such an interesting blog site is that some blogs may be lengthy and filled with relevant links and more, while others will be short and to the point. This type of diversity in the blogs makes it intriguing for readers. Checking back often is the only way to truly know what is going on in the mind of Fay.

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UGG Boots are Amazing!

Never have I seen a brand of shoes that can be so versatile. UGGs Boots are simply the best; I don't know how I ever got by without them before!

Let me tell you how useful they can be. I'll start off by saying "I use UGGs throughout the entire year." That's just how in love I am with them. For spring, whether it is hot or a bit cold, you can't go wrong with low cut UGG Boots. These can include the UGG® Australia Women's Lynnea Black Leather or the UGG® Australia Men's Ascot Chestnut Sheepskin; they have the trademark features of UGGs, but are stylish enough for spring fashion.

If you're wondering about the summer, simply slip on the UGG® Australia Women's Mayley Black Leather with your favorite summer outfit. That is how easy it is with UGG Boots.

Fall and Winter will see a change from low UGGs to High UGG Boots. I absolutely love the UGG® Australia Women's Josie II Black Leather; they send out a strong statement, letting everyone know that I am up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and I aim to impress.

Interior Design Options For TVs

A great way to maximize living space and give your home decor a sophisticated new look is to use a TV Lift cabinet for that new flat screen. There are so many various types of TV Lift cabinets to choose from these days. There are contemporary and modern styles; many made of the finest wood, including cherry, mahogany, pine and oak.

You can find TV lift cabinets for LCD, flat or plasma TVs. And unlike a TV stand, the cabinet hides the wiring and keeps your TV protected and dust-free when not in use. You can also place a TV Lift Cabinet at the foot of your bed. Talk about convenience and fashion made easy! Infrared remote control is used to control the TV lift console without having to open the cabinet doors. Push a button and the TV rises out of the cabinet. How cool is that?

Believe It Or Not, Pheromone Products Work!

I'm a well documented cynic, so it might come as a surprise to my readers that over the weekend I tried using pheromones from a major brand. The pheromone I selected for myself is designed to enhance communication and increase the feeling of closeness. I decided to try this out on my unsuspecting boyfriend when he came from work one day so I applied the pheromone before he arrived home. Usually when I ask my boyfriend how his day was, getting anything more than a minimal response is like pulling teeth. So it came as a shock to me when he replied with a multi-sentence answer and then proceeded to ask ME how my day was. Not only that, he seemed genuinely interested in my response. If this is the power of pheromones, then I'm sold!